Playing Detective: How to Help an Uncertain Customer Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are a big investment for most buyers, and they deserve to walk out feeling like they made the perfect choice. Yet in many cases, while the desire to buy the ring is obviously there, the knowledge to make the best decision may be the missing link. When your customer doesn’t have the basic building blocks…they have no idea what metals or stone cuts she prefers, or knowledge of differences in styles – how do you help find the perfect ring? The following suggestions offer some tried and true ways to help narrow the focus. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of asking the right questions and noticing the little details.

                           A little detective work goes a long way in closing the sale.



1) Play Detective: Use Social Media to Sleuth out her Style Preferences.

Recently a friend of mine called and asked if I could meet him at the store. From his tone it seemed urgent, and I was right. The baby was early – his wife was in labor, and he needed a push present NOW. When I pressed for details, he said she wore very little jewelry in general.

No doubt about it…this could be difficult. I pulled up his Facebook page and took a few screenshots of jewelry she was wearing in his posts. She clearly preferred rose gold and liked to dress up on occasion, but generally she was a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. We chose a rose gold station necklace that could be dressed up or down. It was perfect. In every photo I have seen of her since the baby was born, she is wearing that necklace. Clearly, gathering intelligence pays off. While this wasn’t a ring purchase, the same principles apply.

Scrolling through social media together not only allows you to pinpoint her style, it also provides an opportunity to bond with your customer. That means they are more likely to return to you for anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts…and push presents.


2) Check out her Pinterest Account.  

I have more than one expecting to be engaged friend, and they all have dozens of engagement ring styles saved on Pinterest. If your client has no idea what she likes, stalking her Pinterest boards will almost always shed light on her preferences.


3) Reassure the Buyer that their Preferences Matter Too

Many times, your customer will be so concerned about the bride-to-be and her preferences that they forget they also play a vital role in the selection of the ring. Get an idea of the general budget, and take notice of which stone shapes and sizes he/she gravitates toward as you move through merchandise together. Once you identify interests, it should make it easier to pull it all together and tweak color and clarity to present the best available options for the engagement ring of her dreams.

    The “best of three” strategy forces customers to narrow down their favorites.


4) Choice of Three

Once you have helped narrow down the selection, ask them to choose three rings they like. Line them up side by side and have him/her select the absolute favorite of the three. Put the other two rings back and keep the chosen ring out for comparison. A few rounds of this and it should be relatively easy to narrow down to “the one”. This is also an excellent opportunity to upsell. Be sure to add a few rings that are about twenty percent above the number you were given, and at least one that is well above but gives a good idea of the range available in this style. When they see how much difference $1000 can make, they often go for the more expensive piece.


5) Close it. 

You have done all the hard work, you’ve earned their trust, and now it is time to close the sale. If you have done your job, by now your customer feels comfortable with the ring they have selected. Outline your financing options, determine the payment type, and offer to wrap it for them! Congrats – you have just converted a nervous browser to a confident buyer.




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