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how to videos for advertising

ad advertising create ad post ad

How to create an ad

1. Go to advertising section on the top navigation bar
2. On drop down, click "Advertise with Us"
3. Click "Contact us" or email [email protected]
4. Create an email requesting an advertising space

how to videos for buying jewelry

buy product buy shop

How to buy a product in the shop

1. In the main navigation, click "Shop"
2. Choose the item that you wish to buy
3. Click "Add to Cart"
4. Click "Checkout" from your cart (upper left hand corner)
5. Proceed through the checkout process

how to videos for classifieds

create ad create classifieds post ad post classifieds

How to post a classifieds ad

1. Go to the main navigation bar --> go to Classifieds
2. On drop down, click "Create a post"
3. Fill in your post details
4. Hit "Submit"

how to videos for jobs

create job post job

How to post a job

1. Go to the main navigation and click "Jobs" (make sure you are logged in)
2. Click "Submit job form"
3. Fill out the form
4. Hit "submit"

how to videos for selling jewelry

sell item sell jewelry sell product selling item selling jewelry selling product

How to add a product

1. Go to the main navigation bar - find "Your Account". (Make sure you are logged in)
2. On the dropdown, click "My Store"
3. Go to Products --> Add New
4. Fill in your product details

how to videos to get started

access account log in login my account

How to log into your account

1. Go to main navigation bar and go to My Account
2. On dropdown, click "Log in"
3. Log in to your account

Mobile version:
1. Click on the navigation bar
2. On the very top, you will see a "Log In" link
3. Click the link to log in to your account

member memberships plans pricing

How to become a member

1. Click "Become a Member" link in orange in the main navigation
2. Choose a plan that best fits your needs
3. Hit "Subscribe Now"
4. Go through the registration process
5. Hit "Submit"
6. Wait for your approval