Ancient Adornments: The Origins of Jewelry

The Ties that Bind  I never leave for work without stopping at my jewelry chest – a burnished burlwood box that held my grandmother’s jewelry decades before it held my own. Inevitably, I select the pieces I will wear based on who and what will make up my day. I always wear my wedding set, […]

Ten Rules for Cleaning Jewelry Safely

We all know that jewelry care can be a complicated business. I would never dream of cleaning a strand of pearls the same way that I would clean a diamond ring, and neither would you. Unfortunately, customers are a whole other matter entirely. While it’s possible to create a lengthy care sheet for every gemstone […]

Life as a Gem Stone Junkie: The Highs and Lows of Being a Jewelry Blogger

Taking the Plunge Let’s be real with each other for a second. We’ve all done it. One too many nights of customers walking in five minutes before closing, one too many gold buys that consist of large Tupperware containers of garage sale junk when the store is slammed with buyers – one too many of […]

Playing Detective: How to Help an Uncertain Customer Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are a big investment for most buyers, and they deserve to walk out feeling like they made the perfect choice. Yet in many cases, while the desire to buy the ring is obviously there, the knowledge to make the best decision may be the missing link. When your customer doesn’t have the basic […]

Engaging your customers

Jewelry Content Writing

Why is content writing so important? One of the best ways to direct traffic to your site is to ensure that there is fresh content every day.  In the jewelry business there are thousands if not tens of thousands of websites all competing for the same market.  You need to make sure that your site […]

What is a Jedi Spinel?

Difference between a Jedi Spinel and a red spien

Dark color zoning within what is otherwise a beautiful spinel specimen frequently detracts from the stone’s allure. It is literally the dark side of the precious gem. But in Jedi spinel, there is no dark side. Glowing in bright, neon shades of red and pink with the intensity of a Jedi sword, these octahedral embers […]

Do people really care about origin in gemstones?

BluRooms Burmese Unheated Sapphire Ring

However I sometimes wonder when a customer has a beautiful blue sapphire ring on her finger whether she or he realizes or cares where they come from. After all if the stone is beautiful and rich in color, would she say “No thanks. I would rather have a Burmese sapphire instead?” What if that sapphire was beautifully mounted, perfectly cut and is of a royal blue color. Would the customer still say no if the stone was in fact from Sri Lanka instead?

Buying stones in Mogok

Blurooms Mogok

Mogok region,Myannmar is known to produce some of the best sapphires in the world. The blues are usually a little silky and velvety due to the rutile inclusions found in so many of their stones. Production is usually carried out by small scale miners and good quality stones are relatively scarce. However the Mogok area […]